The Juanita Craft Civil Rights House, located in the Wheatley Place National Register District, is one of only a handful of historic sites honoring a women organizer and political activist whose life is representative of the grass-roots civic engagement that propelled mid-20th century freedom movements all across the United States.

The Texas Historical Commission marker dedication ceremony for the Juanita Craft Civil Rights House will be held in Autumn, 2017 followed by a reception at The Remnant of Faith Church. Please check back here May 1, 2017 for details regarding the dedication ceremony. Come prepared to celebrate the life and legacy of Juanita Craft (1902-1985) – a pivotal organizer, youth advocate, social activist and universalist whose special gift was her ability to surmount cultural, ethnic and social barriers and gather people together on the common field of their humanity.

This event will be hosted by The Juanita Craft Foundation, the Texas State Conference of NAACP Branches and, the preeminent online reference portal for African-American history. and its founder, the historian Dr. Quintard Taylor, received the 2015 Jefferson Award from The Jefferson Awards Foundation, and the 2015 Carter G. Woodson Memorial Award from the National Education Association (NEA). is dedicated to fostering understanding through knowledge in order to generate constructive change in our society.

Join us for what promises to be a fascinating, provocative and collegial afternoon of remembrance and insight as we dedicate Craft House historical marker and celebrate the remarkable life of Juanita Craft. Please contact G. Chandler Vaughan at for additional information.

Texas Historical Marker Dedication / The Juanita Craft Civil Rights House


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