Beautiful Dreamers: Eleanor Roosevelt & Juanita Craft (1932-1962)

Beautiful Dreamers: Eleanor Roosevelt & Juanita Craft (1932-1962) organized by The Juanita Craft Foundation, will be conducted June 9, 2017 in Dallas at The Adolphus Hotel. Juanita Craft worked at The Adolphus from 1925-1934 and befriended Eleanor Roosevelt there who played a major role in helping launch Craft’s social activist career. The relationship between these two women continued for thirty years.

In convening this broad mix of participants within the structure of a formal seminar, the organizers seek to enrich the primary historical record and inspire more scholarship in 20th century Texas Freedom Movements. Proceedings of Beautiful Dreamers will be filmed and made available at This event is by invitation.

We look forward to your joining us at The Adolphus as we journey together through this inspiring history.